1. The men who control the activities of the bank will meet today. The will meet.

2. They were chosen by all the parties who hold part ownership in the bank. They were chosen by the

3. The board will discuss the hiring of a person to assist the president. They must hire a new

4. They’ll also discuss the new announcement of the bank’s financial condition. They’ll discuss the .

5. Then they must make a decision a bout the earnings they’re keeping back for later use. They must decide what to do about the .

6. This is money held by the bank in addition to the amount the stockholders put up to start the bank. It’s money held in addition to the .

7. The board may want to pay some money to the stockholders out of profits. They may give out .

8. Quite a lot of money was left over this year after all the bank’s expenses were paid. The were high.

9. The president will ask the board to approve a large to a customer. This money owned by the bank which the customer will be permitted to use for a time and then return with an additional payment for its use.

10. The board will probably discuss the money which the bank has put into other businesses in order to make profits. They’ll discuss the bank’s .